Повече от 45 години GFL произвежда „Качество базирано на традициите” в Германия. Техните продукти са добре известни със своята практичност, внимание към детайла. Техническото развитие и използването на висококачествени материали е показателно, че продуктите им са от много висок клас. Лабораторните продукти на GFL се ползват в над 150 страни по цял свят, което също е доказателство за високото им качество и надеждност.


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ISO сертификация:

The Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 secures our customers' trust and confidence in the high quality standards of GFL laboratory products all over the world.

GFL ISO Certificate (PDF, 70K)

GFL laboratory apparatus are exported to countries all over the world, committing us to ensure transparency and care in the presentation and documentation of our products' safety standards. The GS sign enjoys highest recognition in the field of appliance safety. Ever since its introduction in 1977, it has developed into an internationally acknowledged symbol for "Proven Safety". Its current legal basis is laid down in the Appliance and Product Saftey Law (GPSG), dated 01 May 2004. GFL laboratory apparatus receive the GS sign after an approved and independent testing and certification agency has tested a sample of the product (Product Sample Test) for the required safety standards, and after supervision that only those GFL products are offered that comply with the product sample (Manufacturing Control). Owing to the voluntary testing and certification procedures, the GS sign serves as an independent orientation aid for a secure and easy purchasing decision to importers, dealers and users alike. The GS Certificate (test certificate) has a validity of maximum five years.

Symbol of the declared personal liability for products

The CE mark affirms the conformity of GFL laboratory apparatus with the EU directives pertaining to the product, providing it was previously subjected to a conformity assessment procedure. The EU directives relative to the assessment procedure are established separately for each product in the EU Declaration of Conformity. The EU directives define basic safety and protection requirements. The procedures to obtain the CE mark guarantee the unrestricted export of our laboratory apparatus within the EU member countries.




Общ каталог GFL (PDF, 3.1MB)​

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